Corporate CPA Services
    Rick Yartz will help you with your important financial decisions, designing a bookkeeping system or installing an accounting package and support your business with extensive experience in financial and legal matters. He can help you reduce the taxes on your profits through careful tax planning and money management.

    Personal CPA Services
    Rick Yartz can bring his extensive experience to your personal financial management. Successful family income management and investment can allow you to develop a stable financial future. Rick Yartz can assist you in developing college funds, retirement accounts and debt management that will help you work toward financial security.

    Financial Statements
    Preparation of financial statements is the basis of sound accounting. Rick Yartz will work with you in the compilation, review and audit of your income statements, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, statements of cash flow, footnotes, and opinions. You are welcome to call Rick Yartz at 713-839- 8200 to determine the types and purpose of your financial statements.